Two Major Contributors to Cancer

You know. Dairy and over exercise are two major contributors to cancer.

So, uh, when we, when we’re moving, uh, you know, too hard or exercising, uh, even our, if you’re doing power lifting, or, you know, uh, free weights, you know, you’ve, you’ve got to move the acid out, and, and, uh, hydration’s very key. You know, before, during, and after exercise. Uh, very, very key. You know, you should be drinking at least, uh, one liter of alkaline fluids for every 50 pounds of weight. So, uh, you know, if you’re 150 pounds, that’s three liters, uh, 200, about, you know, anywhere from a third to, to a gallon a day. And that’s minimum. Ideally, if you’re into any, any sort of exercise program, you could be up to anywhere from a gallon to a gallon and a half of alkaline fluids a day. And I, I like the, uh, uh, the green juices too, and the green powders you can add to those, to help build blood while you’re, you’re alkalizing your, your body fluids.

Well now, how can, how can we get the nu–, the electron rich water? I mean.

Well, the electron rich water, uh, uh, and there’s only one source that I know of in the world today that actually produces electron rich source. Uh, it was a company called Trinity and they’re no longer in business.

We don’t recommend using tap water. You can take tap water, you can filtrate it, uh, through, uh, through a filtration system. Uh, you know, uh, uh, distillation. Uh, you can use the distillation system that takes out all of the, uh, bacterias and cysts and contaminants. Yeast, uh, heavy metals. And then you can add the drops to it. Or you can use a reverse osmosis filtration system. And they’re, they’re getting more and more advanced, uh, uh, you know, to take out a lot of the bacteria and the chlorine, and the heavy metals. And then you can add the drops or the, or the salts to that. Uh, to start alkalizing your body. But see, the thing about these salts is they’re natural to the body. And it’s the, it’s, it’s the, the simplest way and the quickest way to begin your path back to the house of health. Back to your, to the path to health, energy, and vitality. Is with these, uh, mineral salts, which the body is craving for.

Right. Now, let’s, um, switch to the spiritual aspect. And you said earlier that there’s a spiritual disturbance of cells. Can you expound on that a little?

Well anything that’s created physically, is, is created spiritually first. Okay, so I believe, I believe that, uh, uh, well, here’s the question. Does, does e–, does energy, uh, uh, follow blood, or does blood follow energy?

Uh, and what we find are, does, does, are we spiritual beings having a physical experience. beings having a spiritual experience? I believe that we’re not physical beings have a spiritual experience. I believe that we are spirit beings. Spirit beings meaning organized energy matter in an organized form that’s taken on a tabernacle of flesh. And what happens when we become acidic, there’s a separation between this spiritual body, which is our eternal, you know, body. From this more temporal, tabernacle of clay body. Uh, we become separated and we, we, we end up, uh, many times losing who we are.

Our identity or, uh, our focus. Or our minds for that matter. And, and uh, you know, the beauty of this, in fact, this was a, a discovery just, uh, a research, uh, study that was just done at Duke University. They discovered that exercising was just as effective as taking, uh, Zoloft or Prozac.

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Pheromone Usage in Spanish Speaking Countries

Love is an emotion that is almost impossible to explain, as we often feel an attraction towards someone and do not know why. If you have ever found yourself thinking about an unexplained attraction toward someone, the truth might involve pheromones. Our bodies focus on scent for sexual attraction much more than has ever been thought before, which makes it possible for people to use scent to manipulate attraction. Once you master the power of attraction, you can use these scents to your advantage when meeting women 

Simply explained, pheromones are odorless signals that are given off by the body to make a person seem more attractive than he or she is in actuality. These signals are able to attract members of the opposite sex subconsciously, without that person even realizing what is happening. Since these signals do not produce an odor, there is no way to determine when this reaction is occurring. Much like in the animal kingdom, you can become an attractive mate through senses other than sight according to Buy-Pheromones.Org | Top Pheromones Review.

For years there has been debate on whether pheromones legitimately work or not, but a recent study has shed some light on the situation. Researchers at the University of Vienna exposed 66 different males to pheromones without letting them know. They then showed these individuals photos and videos of women and allowed them to hear the women’s voices. These men were then asked to grade the women based on their overall level of attractiveness. Next, these same pictures and videos were shown without the pheromone being present and they were asked the same questions.

As a whole, these men were more likely to find the same woman sexually attractive when the pheromones were present than when they were not. The study also showed that these men had more testosterone in their saliva when they were exposed to the pheromones. This shows that sexual attraction can be influenced by these scents, which also proves that products that produce synthetic pheromones can work.

In the animal kingdom, attraction is based entirely on scent. Since these animals do not feel sexual attraction in the same manner that we do, they must sense the fertility of any potential mates. The more masculine and fertile males are usually chosen first, while many of the weaker males are unable to mate at all. This is all decided by pheromones and the females do not even know why they have chosen a male. They just know that the male will be a better mate than the others.

If you put out these signals, they will work and will make you appear more attractive to the opposite sex. This is done by subconsciously making you seem like a better mate, which automatically increases your attractiveness. If you have struggled to attract members of the opposite sex in the past, using the power of nature to your advantage should be the next step. In the end, you can completely change your dating life by using some artificial pheromones and letting nature go to work on prospective mates.

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What You Need to Know

At one point or another you thought about how your life would go if you had a longer penis. More girlfriends, the ability to add a greater amount of satisfaction into your marriage and an enhanced sense of self-worth would be yours. You wonder if any of those potions claiming to lengthen your penis actually work. The short of it, is no, they do not work no matter how many attempts you do make it happen. Only one method has proven any results: penis lengthening surgery. Even this procedure, done in two ways, comes with possible problems attached to it. It’s better to know the penile surgery risks before undergoing something that may or may not give you the results you’re looking for before you go under the knife.

Marketers out to make money come up with new methods to entice you to purchase their product that promises to make you longer and with many guys, this is a dream come true. Most of these methods are not worth your hard-earn cash and only benefit those looking to thicken their wallet. These include penis pumps, herbs or pills and any type of lotion. Exercises don’t work to lengthen your penis because it is not a muscle. The penis pump clamps over the penis and air gets sucked out of a tube to force blood flow into the penis, which, in turn, causes an erection to form. Therefore, the main purpose of a penis pump is to aid in curing impotence, not making your penis longer.

Men can choose from two types of surgery that will lengthening their penis; each is preformed by a board certified plastic surgeon. The surgeon takes a knife to the ligaments surrounding the penis that hold it in for the first type of surgery. The doctor then applies weights or a type of stretching device to increase the size of the penis. The other surgery type involves redistributing fat from one area of your body into another, which is known as a dermal implant. Your surgeon’s goal with a dermal implant is to add length and girth to your penis.

The cost of each surgery can put a serious dent into your wallet. The lowest you can expect to pay is $4,000, enough for a used car or a nice vacation. The highest amount that plastic surgeons advertise is $17,000. Many shy away from the penile surgery because of the amount alone. Unlike other medical procedures, insurance doesn’t cover it unless an injury happens to your penis.

Penile surgery risks deter some men from going under the knife. First off, either surgery may only lengthen your penis up to one inch in size, according to experts. Men may find themselves anxious because they went through all the trouble only to find out that they have very little sensation left after the surgery. In this instance, the surgery increased psychological stress on the person that more than likely left him worse off than before. As with any surgery, complications can arise such as a reaction to the anesthesia used and post operative infections. In rare cases damage to the nerves surrounding the tissue can occur but this fact along with infections and reactions to the anesthesia rarely happen. It’s up to the person and his reason for wanting to have the procedure done whether or not penile surgery risks are worth it or not.

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